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Help to manage difficulties in relationships

Almost every relationship has its ups and downs but sometimes strain can lead to exhaustion, low self-esteem and low self-worth. Typical signs of a relationship under strain can include:

  • Communication breakdown
  • Arguments and bickering continue without resolution
  • Sex is problematic
  • Violence or outbursts
  • Depression, tension or other health problems
  • Trust is eroded or broken through betrayal (affairs, debts or secrets)
  • Separation or divorce feels like the only option
  • Difficulty ending a relationship

It is altogether possible that each partner will view the problem differently and this can add yet further tension.or example, one partner may be giving up on the relationship while the other feels that it is simply a “rough patch”.

Help to appreciate the issues

As an experienced relationship therapist and counsellor I will work with you both to identify and acknowledge these differences and to talk through the problems in a safe environment. I can help you learn the skills of self-expression either as a couple or as an individual.

Help to build an action plan

Traditional relationship therapies involve building understanding of the issues and appreciating the concerns of your partner. I am one of the few accredited qualified who can build in CBT (Cognitive Behaviour Therapy) into the therapeutic process. I help you to build strategies and actions to help manage the issues you face.

By working with you I can help you to your address the difficulties facing your relationship and to discover ways of moving forward (or help you manage separation should that be the desired way forward for you as a couple).

Relationship therapy (with CBT) can cover a number of areas including:
  • Difficulties in an existing relationship
  • Recovering from a relationship breakdown
  • Difficulties in sustaining Relationships
  • Difficulties in getting over Relationship issues
  • Difficulty in expressing feelings
  • Loneliness
  • Personal Development
  • Survivors of Sexual Abuse or Domestic Violence
  • Lowering the impact of divorce on children
  • Postnatal Depression

I can work with you on a 1 to 1 basis or as a couple to help you to work through the challenges that you face.


Carla is an experienced and highly trained therapist working in Milton Keynes (Bucks). She is both BABCP accredited and a BACP Member. She is also an accredited Family Law Consultant with Resolution. Carla is an empathetic counsellor who works with her clients in a safe, comfortable and confidential environment.

Central Milton Keynes - & Buckinghamshire (London)

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